Captivated with purpose

Okay everyone, let's get real for a second. Ask yourself this question: What am I doing right now with my life, in my job, in my relationships, and for myself to move towards my goals? 
Recently I hit a standstill where everything felt kind of bland in my life. Like the insipid taste of a cold cup of coffee that has been sitting for a while. I would go to work and perform my tasks like a robot and then I would come home to work on schoolwork, clean the house, make dinner, walk the dog, etc. And I wondered if anything I was doing was actually making a difference. Did anything I was doing matter? For several weeks in a row I replayed the same kind of day over and over and over. It became exhausting. 
There are times in our lives that we have to take a small step back and remind ourselves of the goals we're chasing. I will say this, even as a blogger and an influencer, I still have to splash some cold water on my face every now and then, and wake myself up from the slumber of doubts.  
So I took a small step back and asked that question. What am I doing right now that is helping me move towards my goals? 
And that was when I realized that I was missing something extremely important from my everyday activities...
You see, activity without purpose drains your life. I had to wake up and see the purpose in everything I was doing. The purpose of my job. The purpose of pursuing my relationships. The purpose of school. Everything I was giving effort to in my life, had to have purpose. Without purpose, our lives become that insipid cup of cold coffee--bland and lacking flavor. 
Maybe you feel that way now, or maybe you've felt that way before. You're going with the motions and not quite sure why you're doing everything that you're doing. You're wondering if it even matters. 
Well my dear friend, know that you are not alone. And also know that your sweet escape from  these doubts is to captivate your life with purpose. Even the smallest of things you do in each day, give them purpose. Clarify your purpose by knowing the 'why' behind everything you do. When you know your 'why', you become more empowered and motivated to reach your goals. 
Whatever age you are, whatever walk of life you are in right now, whatever you are going through-- captivate yourself with purpose. 
Remember this, your life already has a purpose. So surround everything you do with purpose as well.  
You know I love you all!