Don't let setbacks define you

This past week I've been undergoing what most would consider a setback in my life; an obstacle in the road towards my goals. I guess I had been riding along the easy streets and enjoying the thrills of pursuing my goals for too long without any interruptions. It was time for a life lesson and a reminder that sometimes things are going to happen without warning. A reminder that we're humans and we make mistakes, and sometimes the people we thought were there for us are going to let us down and lose our trust. But more importantly, a reminder of the kind of woman I want to be. 
It all happened so quickly... One minute I'm figuring out how to finish strong-willed with school while working as needed and still finding time to blog. The next minute, people are making rash and unexplained decisions around me that cause me to have to make more sacrifices with my time. Suddenly, pursuing my goals begins to seem impossible for the time being. A setback entered into the picture, and my emotions began to take over. Those first few days after it happened, it was so easy to put the blame on someone else. It was almost easier to stay upset, than to keep moving forward and continue chasing my goals.
I drove home from work Friday night and sat in the car trying to figure everything out for a solid 45 minutes. My thoughts were scattered all throughout my mind and there was no escaping that unending migraine that was lurking in the back of my head. I wanted more than anything to just be mad. I wanted to believe I had every right to ignore and stay angry at those people that I felt had wronged me, and Brad. In my eyes, they broke my trust and disrespected me, and I wanted to sit in anger and complain about how they got in the way of my goals.
But the more I thought about it all, the more I realized that just as with most situations in life, I had a choice to make. I could either continue to complain and be upset by what had come my way, or I could make the sacrifices and push through to get back on the road towards my goals. 
You see, we always have two choices when obstacles come our way:
1.) We can let the obstacles succeed in stopping us from chasing our goals and getting to our  ideal destination. 
2.) We can find another way around the obstacles and continue on.
I could stay angry, and let this setback define who I am. But instead, this setback is not going to define me. I will be channeling that energy of anger into positive energy to continue on. I want to be the kind of woman who grows from these experiences. The kind of woman who shares her setbacks and how she overcame them, to encourage others also facing setbacks in life. 
I looked at myself in my rearview mirror that night and said this, "This setback isn't going to define you. What's going to define you and the kind of person you are is the response you give." So here is my response: To those people that broke my trust, I forgive you. I hold nothing against you, because you are not going to stop me from reaching my goals. The only person that can do that to me, is me.
For those of you who have encountered a setback or are currently experiencing one, I hope you can find the motivation and encouragement you need to overcome it. I hope by reading my post, you feel determined to not let that setback define you. 
Y'all know I'm a sucker for motivational quotes, so here's one to remember as you find another way around that obstacle in the road...
"Temporary setbacks are overshadowed by persistence." 
--- Quentin L. Cook ---