Need a day off from my day off

At the start of each week I desperately look forward to my day off. It's that one day out of the craziness of life where I can take a moment (or in this case, 12 hours) to breathe. It's the day that I get to relax and focus on what I need to do... doesn't that just sound magical? This isn't actually the reality of my days off. In fact, it's more so just my version of a perfected day off. Here's what starts to happen: I look forward to my day off. I begin creating a list of things that I need to get done during that day off. And yes, a nap is always included in that list. Being the kind of person that doesn't have that great of boundaries, I'm constantly saying yes to people that need my help with something. So eventually, my list is as tall as me and what is suppose to be a day of de-stressing turns into a day of extra-stressing. I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like I need a day off from my day off...
 But you know what I've realized: I do this to myself. I look at that pile of clothes needing to be folded and say "I'll do it on my day off". And then there I am, trying to find time to fold the clothes and accepting the fact that the nap isn't going to happen. I had gotten to the point where I was more exhausted then refreshed at the end of my day off. Something just didn't seem right about that. I knew that I needed to make a change. 
I must say that the most beneficial thing I have done to make that change is creating a balance between what I need to do, and what my mind, body, and soul needs me to do. I began adding more things to my list like "take a bubble bath", or "read a book", or "go for a walk". Today I finished the laundry and the rest of the housework, but I also went and treated myself to a manicure. Now here I am at the end of my day off, enjoying the glow of our Christmas tree, and feeling much more rejuvenated and content with what I've accomplished.
I'll end with this, enjoy your day off. Make time to gather yourself, reflect on the rest of your week, and physically and emotionally prepare. I'm sure you'll find that you're a much more pleasant person to be around, and will get much more accomplished in your life simply by enjoying your days off.