The importance of family

Where to even begin... I feel very ashamed to admit it's been over a week since my last blog post. I wanted to thank whoever sent the anonymous text I got yesterday evening asking when I will be writing my next post. When I began my blog, I had hopes that I would be able to write things to keep my readers coming back, but I never would've guessed that just after two posts, I'd develop loyal enough readers to hold me accountable to my posting. The past two weeks I have finished my first semester back at school, worked extra hours to prepare for our time off with family, and yes--successfully finished Christmas shopping. 
This weekend, Brad and I are visiting my family, as we do almost every Holiday. For those of you who do not know our story, part of it includes the sad realization that his family does not want us to be a part of that family. I refrain going into details, as that is not my spot to explain, but knowing that we only get to visit my family relates to my post this evening. 
Let me start by saying this, I am very blessed to have the family I have. For as long as I can remember, my family has always stressed the importance of being a family. I knew from the time I was born that there was no escaping my parent's love. And growing up, I looked forward to me and the future husband visiting both sides of the family during the Holidays. 
I never expected that I wouldn't even get to meet my in-laws. It was hard realizing that it quite possibly was always going to be this way. And it's still hard. I have my moments where I get depressed thinking about our future children asking why they only get to visit one set of grandparents. But even after being turned away several times, I've found it right in my heart to not give up hope on all of us becoming united. I will continue to do as I've been doing, and send that Christmas card to the same address, not even knowing if they've moved or are receiving them. Some call me crazy, and tell me to take a hint. But giving up on the idea of reuniting a broken family is what's crazy to me. 
I share all this to remind y'all that I am continually seeking a relationship with my in-laws, while it's so easy for most of us to want to avoid that this time of year. The annoyances, and frustration can easily blind us from that gift we take for granted most of the time...The gift of family. So whether you're currently in the midst of a disagreement with a loved one, or sitting at game night wishing you were sitting in the peace and quiet of your own home, alone-- remember that those people are your family. Your family that is there under the same roof as you. And despite all the negatives going through your mind, you can find joy knowing there is unity and love. We treasure the time we get with my family.