The small things

I had to take a few steps back these past few weeks. Ever since I knew what I wanted to do  with my life and started planning how I would do it, I feel as if I had been pressing down a little too hard on the gas peddle. Don't get me wrong, being excited for your future is a great feeling.
It's good to have a vision and goals for your future, but sometimes we can get so caught up in our plans for the future and the big things, that we forget that it's the small things that are really going to get us there. 
Time is a precious thing that we often take for granted because we are constantly living for the next day, for the weekend, for the next year, etc. And maybe that's because we're wanting to fast-forward to the big things we have planned for our lives. But one thing I've found when it comes to fast-forwarding our life, is we tend to miss out on those small things. 
It's the story line for a lot of different movies and songs: the dad that is too busy working to  spend time playing ball with his son, and before he knows it his son is all grown up and time has run out.  Now you might not exactly have this same situation, but think about it... What are some small things that you are putting off because you're too busy or you don't see the significance? 
I still have goals for my future and a plan for getting there, but I'm realizing the importance of inserting those small everyday things in the process. Small things like setting aside time to take the dog for a walk, sitting out on the back porch and watching the sunset, or randomly leaving little notes for your spouse around the house. Simple things that at the moment might not seem that significant, but end up having a bigger impact than you know. 
So I urge you to take the time to consider these two questions: What are some small things I can start doing for myself? And what are some small things that I can start doing for others?
Don't be part of the majority that is living for the next day. Live for each day including today. No one knows how much time they have in their life, so make each day count. If you're wanting to make a difference in your own life, in someone else's life, or in the world, then remember this. It's the small things, done often, that make the difference. 
I kept this one short and sweet for y'all this time. 
You know I love you all!